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Autism and siblings: a complex dynamic of compexity

I am currently lost when it comes to discipline with my kids. Don't tell them I said that (although I suspect that secretly they've already discovered this). Every day and especially first thing in the morning, the kids will start fighting about something. More often than not it starts with Noah yelling on one of this brothers.

Dawsyn mimics a lot of Noah's behaviors because he must think he can get away with them. He probably thinks that because it is partially true. I'm totally inconsistent. I'm so maxed out from Noah most times that I tend to blow off the little things with the rest of the kids. It's wise to choose your battles carefully, but sometimes your kids are going to act out just to make sure to do choose to battle SOMETHING.

What's worse is that like any siblings, Gracie and Dawsyn know how to push Noah's buttons - although usually it is not on purpose. Dawsyn may just be talking for too long and Noah can't take it anymore. He'll something issue a warning like, "Stop talking at me!"

Then - "WHAP!"

Someone is getting smacked, kicked, or scratched.

Noah seems to be oblivious to the fact that being in time out is bad. He just giggles and squirms around with me holding him in place until the time is up. I have to keep there though just so the other kids see that he gets the same punishment they do.  Ugh. . . .

If I can muster up the mental fortitude necessary, I might share the story about our road trip to the ocean for Mother's Day. All six of us in our little Kia Spectra for 3 hours.

Post about how often the kids trigger Noah and/or egg him on until he erupts and one of them get hurt. Use it to launch into a weekly series about how way to handle those situations.

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This is my son, Noah

This is my son, Noah
He has autism


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