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The orange bye-bye

For some reason, our word for baby nuks and binkies is a 'bye-bye.' How this came to be is too long to share and also irrelevant to the rest of the post, which I suppose makes me wonder why I chose to start it this way. . .

Noah has an orange bye-bye. He has had it for 3 of the 4 years that he's been alive. For most of the day he doesn't really want it unless he is tired and wanting to rest and then of course at bedtime. There have been times that we've lost the bye-bye at which point I turn into a forensic specialist as I grid off the entire house and finely search for this lost treasure. For if I should fail, Noah will stay up the entire night. Some of the place I have found it are outside in the backyard, under the fridge, under a couch, hidden in a pile of laundry, in the dishwasher, in a toy box, in the toilet (flushed, thank God), and in the car.

On one occasion I had to call of the search and make an emergency trip to the store (several different stores as it turned out) to find the exact same orange bye-bye. After a couple more hours of persuasion, Noah finally accepted the replacement. A week later, the original bye-bye turned up miraculously and he switched back. Since then he's never accepted a replacement again. No worries, that bye-bye has been boiled and sanitized every time it is recovered. It makes wonder though, how have other parents with children who have autism dealt with getting their little rascals to give up this plastic/latex piece of ultimate security?

Any tips?

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This is my son, Noah

This is my son, Noah
He has autism


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