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Noah's schedule is up on the wall!

Thanks to a great family friend, I didn't have to break out the crayons to make a schedule for Noah after all. Instead, our awesome friend brought over a Visual Picture Schedule for Noah to use - similar to what he had in his class room.

Today was our first run through and already I can tell that I am going to have to tweek a few things, but for the most part I'd say Noah is already enjoying just knowing that there is an element of routine and structure to his day. I think before he may have been feeling like the day is all up in the air (because it pretty much was) which gives him some anxiety or sense of less control over himself and his environment. Hence, he would act out of control.

He was very excited to start art time after breakfast and then get the cars out after art time. He will definitely be keeping me on task!

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This is my son, Noah

This is my son, Noah
He has autism


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