Confessions of an Autism Dad
One dad's perspectives on dealing with a child who has Autism. All in print - for good or bad.

Back home after a long trip away from Noah.

Earlier this week I returned home from a 5 day trip to L.A. and it was Noah's first time ever being apart from me for this long. I'm sure who it was more difficult for. I found my thoughts were constantly falling back to him and wondering how was feeling or what he was thinking about my absence.

Anytime I called, he wouldn't talk on the phone, but that's pretty normal for him. When I got home, he was sound asleep. I woke him up and he grinned from ear to ear for about 5 minutes while he hugged me and fell back to sleep. It was just one of those rare moments.

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This is my son, Noah

This is my son, Noah
He has autism


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