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I got him to wear clothes!

One of the daily struggles I encounter is that Autism apparently has a tendency to hate clothing. Noah is very adamant about not having clothes on. When we leave the house, he'll get dressed. After an hour or so at a Burger King play land (whole other story) he starts stripping. . .

In fact, my mom used to make random visits to our house un-announced (which is a long standing huge problem) and would always be sure to bring along my grandma to ensure she would not be turned away. I'm not sure about anyone else's experience, but I have a feeling that grandmas just don't get Autism. From that point on, all my conversations with my grandma would be focused on whether or not Noah was wearing pants. I was told it should be the House Rule that when he wakes up he is to wear clothes or stay in his room. I tried to explain that this is a ridiculous concept to a child who has autism. This would be like telling your deaf child that the House Rule is speak when you are hungry or you have to stay in your room. In fact, my grandma just passed away a few weeks ago, and our last words were about Noah  being naked at home and how I shouldn't be so hard my wife. Oh, and that her idea of Christianity is tarnished because of my relationship with my mom. . . grrrrrrr.

Anyways, today I put some pants on Noah along with his favorite orange coat vest and so far it has stayed on! I expect it won't last, but maybe I can take a couple pictures before they come off.

(it didn't last. . .)

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This is my son, Noah

This is my son, Noah
He has autism


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