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Shut up and Stupid! Our typical morning is never typical. . .

I don't use the words shut up or stupid, but somehow my children have learned them. Probably from TV and probably from Spongebob. This morning, Noah and Dawysn (I should do a post where I introduce my kids. . .) were fighting over who said the word stupid first. Eventually, it ended with Noah screaming.

When I scooped him up to try to redirect his frustrations, he started yelling at me.

Shut up, Stupid! Shut up, Stupid!

And various  other combinations.

Placing him in the corner for a time out just means I have to hold him there physically. At this point, he is now yelling at me and trying to scratch me. Its obvious that he is oblivious to the concept that time out is bad. It makes me want to punch myself in the face. Its also especially hard when my wife is home and this happens because I am the stay at home parent. When my disciplining fails miserably, I feel like a miserable failure, which turns into anger.

Eventually, the whole thing blows over like it never even happened and I am stuck feeling angry and frustrated for no good reason. I wish I could shake things off as easily as he does.

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This is my son, Noah

This is my son, Noah
He has autism


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